Massage with a touch of empathy is

  • full body relaxation
  • holitic (body/mind/heart/spirit)
  • I use techniques from Esalen and Deep Tisseu
  • I follow your rhythm
  • The empathy is felt in how my intention is to follow your inner ritme, of breathing or how mussles and tissieu are reacting on the touch.

Esalen massages is known for it’s long strokes and the quality to experience a whole body integration. It’s slow, and varies between deep and continues movements. Like you are drifting on waves of the ocean. I may use elbows or the sides of my arms to touch the deeper tisseus.
You can book 3 different types of massages

3 Types of massage

  • Relaxation 60 or 90 minuts
  • Intensive 60 or 90 minuts
  • Postpartum 60 or 90 minuts

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