Community support with a non violent communication awareness.
This powerfull method NVC is used a lot in mediations.
I got to know NVC in 2011 and it brought me an immens wisdom of how to embody my feelings with words. It though me how to embody my thoughs, to own them and to embrace differences. This resulted in deeper connections and understanding with people around me, as well as myself.

Empathy is a way to listen. Which I experienced as a very humanising and efficient quality to bring into the room.

In groupmeetings it can bring understanding of people’s motivs to agree or disagree.

My experience is that empathy leads away from opinions and will searche for needs, strategies and concerns.

I have worked, lived and visited places where groupdecisions where made by the intent to make desicions concenses based. Meaning everybody needs to be able to live with the decision.

I can support communities in starting a meetingculture where empathy and efficiency is met. Decisions do not have to be made sociocratic in order for me to be able to support you. Depending on your wish we can make a plan that workes for both off us.