My name is Myra van Roon. I enjoy living with human beings. So many needs of mine are met while living with other people. Needs for joy, care, being seen, to belong, inspiration, motivation, realisme, and probebly more.

I’ve choosen to live in community. In a community with 10 other households including 10 children. Off which one, is my son.
I was born a mother in 2013.
My native language is dutch. And I’ve choosen to write here in english, as it is accessible to more people.

As a dance movement therapist I’ve worked in psychiatry and teached authentic movement classes. After the birth of my son in 2013, I moved my practise from the body to the verbal communication.
I’ve followed classes from Yoram Mosenzon about non violent communication (NVC, by Marshall Rosenberg).
This teaching showed me a different way of viewing life and how we humans relate to each other.
Off what all the different voices in my head are actually serving.
Working as a manager in a shop with 25 employes, NVC gave me tools to work with the people who came to me, with inner and outer conflicts they experienced on the workfloor.
NVC gave me tools to lead groupdecisions in our community in a way that was inclusive and efficient.

The art to listen is
the art of empathy.
I’ve learned how to listen non jugdmental and how to follow the other person on his/her journey while they’re unvolding themself.

My two big inspirators and masters of empathy:

intro NVC Marshall Rosenberg

TEDX Yoram Mosenzon