I called my compagny A touch of empathy.
As I’d like to contribute to the people around me with care and compassion. I relate to empathy as to follow your rythme, words and interpretations, to be present with you in order to support to connect to your own inner wisdom.

  • Massages
  • Sharing circles.
  • Connecting communication courses
  • Empathy sessions
  • Mediation
  • Community support.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through Non violent communication from Yoram Mosenzon, Mirjam Schulpen and Marshall Rosenberg.

A description of empathy by my big inspirator; Marshall Rosenberg:
“In empathy, you don’t speak at all. You speak with the eyes. You speak with your body. If you say any words at all, it’s because you are not sure you are with the person. So you may say some words. But the words are not empathy. Empathy is when the other person feels the connection with what’s alive in you.”